Brand Levitra 20mg – one of the newest ED drugs

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Levitra is one of the most effective and the most modern drugs that are designed to treat disorders associated with erection problems, regardless of their causes. Levitra will help any man being effective for 99% of men. This is the main advantage of this drug. In addition, Levitra is the newest scientific breakdown in this field. And most importantly, the drug has a minimum of side effects so it is considered the safest drug among erectile dysfunction drugs existing.

Levitra is produced in the form of round tablets 20 mg, coated with an orange coating. On one side of the tablet there is a number “20”, on the other – the logo of the firm “Bayer”. Active substance of Levitra is Vardenafil.

How exactly Levitra improves your erection?

Levitra acts at the cellular level. The drug blocks the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5). As a result, the normal level of cyclic mononucleotide cGMP is established. Under its action, nitric oxide (NO) is released. Therefore, smooth muscles of the phallus relax, blood flow to the cavernous bodies increases and under the influence of sexual stimulation a normal erection occurs.

The average duration of the Levitra effect is 10 hours. This is 10 times more effective than other analogues of PDE-5 inhibitors.

Who needs Levitra help?

Levitra is recommended to be used for the treatment and prevention of all forms of erectile dysfunction, which is defined as an inability to achieve and maintain the erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

Which dose is enough to feel a real man?

Levitra should be taken orally and washed down with water 20-25 minutes before you plan to have sexual intercourse. In no case you mustn’t combine the drug with alcohol. Also it is not recommended to take it with food as such combinations may slow down the action of the drug. Initial recommended dose of Levitra for ED treatment is 10 mg (half a tablet). At the age of 65 years, the recommended initial dose is 5 mg (quarter of a tablet).

Since Levitra is very effective and lasts for a long time, a single use of the drug is allowed per day. You must not overdose the drug’s intake to avoid any side effects.

How Brand Levitra interacts with other drugs?

  • In combination with itraconazole, ketoconazole, erythromycin, a single dose of Levitra should be 5 mg.
  • It does not react and does not affect the action of digoxin, tamsulosin, nifedipine, warfarin and glibenclamide.
  • Alpha-adenoblockers (except tamsulosin) in combination with vardenafil can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure. Before using these drugs, you need to consult a doctor.
  • It is contraindicated to use with ritonavir and indinavir, nitrates in any form of medication to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, reduce blood pressure.
  • Vardenafil is incompatible with other drugs to enhance potency and treat erectile dysfunction.

Which contraindications should be taken into account while you take Brand Levitra?

It is strongly recommended not to take Levitra in the following cases:

  • Individual intolerance to components;
  • Age under 18 years old;
  • Combination with indinavir and ritonavir at the age of 65;
  • Combination with medicines containing nitrates;
  • Extended QT interval;
  • Terminal stage of renal failure and severe forms of impaired renal function;
  • Ischemia, angina and arrhythmia (with physical exertion);
  • Within six months after you had myocardial infarction or stroke;
  • Hereditary retinitis pigmentosa;
  • Contraindications to have sexual activity;
  • Strong deformations of the penis;

Which adverse reactions are possible when take Levitra Brand?

In most cases, Levitra does not cause side effects. The revealed side effects are episodic and insignificant. No more than 8% of men taking Levitra have skin redness and headaches. In no more than 3% of cases there are such side effects like stuffiness in nose, nausea or diarrhea. No more than 1% of men have dizziness, drowsiness, lacrimation, back pain, arterial hypotension, angina pectoris.

Levitra was tested by voluntary participants in clinical studies of laboratories in Europe and the United States. As a result, a good tolerance of the drug and a minimum of side effects were revealed. In 92 out of 100 cases Levitra relieves of manifestations of any forms of ED and restores an erection. The effectiveness of Levitra is proved even in the case of dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus. The drug is also effective in hypertension but before taking it these groups of patients should consult a physician. With renal and hepatic insufficiency (weak forms) Levitra can be taken without changing the dose of medicine.

The drug does not affect blood coagulability and does not affect the ability to control mechanisms. With continued use of Levitra Brand there is no influence on the activity and fertilizing capacity of spermatozoa revealed.

Where to buy Brand Levitra without prescription?

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